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By Malaika Salatis 
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I think it is about the feeling of belonging and a sense of pride. I can't say I have ever met a person who wouldn't give you a moment of their time to tell you about the beauty of the island. Perhaps because those courageous enough to leave and experience the world, very soon come to realize the unique chance they had to grown up in such an amazing place.

Some of us might start missing the sunrise over the mountains, the colors of the fruits and spices at the market, the smell of wood-fire in your grandparents' yard on a Sunday lunch, the balmy 20° degree days during our winter (and we still complain about the cold), the stunning sunset at the beach; the churches, mosques and temples that line the roads or the food, which like its people, is a melting pot of different cultures yet undeniably Reunionese.

But for me, I miss the feeling of freedom to be myself, to live in harmony. 


agreement; accord; harmonious relations.

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Soldiers! Wake up!

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